Lets start with the things I don’t offer, then you won’t waste My time (or yours)

  • NO: I do not do Scat/Hard Sports
  • NO: I do not offer Adult Baby play
  • NO: I do not allow Body Worship
  • NO: I do not do face sitting
  • NO: I do not session naked, semi naked/topless
  • NO: I do not wrestle.
  • NO NO NO NO NO: I do NOT offer handjobs/footjobs/blowjobs/sex.
  • I offer sessions for one hour or longer. I DO NOT OFFER HALF HOUR SESSIONS.
  • DO NOT need slaves or filming, photos, slut services or any other type of thing you would like to offer to get a free session. My cleaning and tasks are performed by My slaves who have proved themselves over many years and who pay for sessions and get rewarded for their servitude by being given these extra privileges.
  • DO NOT offend Me by asking for student, OAP, unemployed or just general discounts. If you cant afford a session with Me right away then save up.

Please do not embarrass yourself and insult Me by asking for any of the above

I repeat: there are NO sexual services.